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New Harvest Christian School is an extension of the ministry of New Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Our History,


The first “learning center” was birthed at our church in Manchester, England. In September of 1990 we opened our first “learning center” in Norwalk, California. Because of the fine Christian men and women who gave themselves to this ministry of Christian education we were able to become a private Christian school in September of 1993. Our facilities include Pre-school through High School. In addition, we are offering college-degree correspondence courses to any student who may be interested in furthering his/her Biblical education.


The first enrollment in 1993 was over 50 students attending our facilities in Norwalk and 250 Independent Study students. We are also experiencing the joy of having “learning centers” open up in our other churches throughout the United States and overseas.


New Harvest Christian School adopted the “Accelerated Christian Education” curriculum and individualized course of study.


We praise God for the blessings experienced; numerically, academically and spiritually. The school is indebted to the Christian men and women who are dedicating themselves to this ministry of Christian education. The imprint of their lives and their teaching is immense.

Pastor's Message

Dear Parents and Students: It is our pleasure to welcome you to New Harvest Christian School website.  You are beginning an exciting program, which can influence the rest of your life...

Our Mission

We believe that God has given parents the direct responsibility to train and educate their children according to God’s Word.We, the school, along with the church, serve as a partner with them in carrying out this responsibility...

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