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Mission Statement,


We believe that God has given parents the direct responsibility to train and educate their children according to God’s Word. We, the school, along with the church, serve as a partner with them in carrying out this responsibility. 


Our mission is to reach children for the Lord, to give them a Christ-centered education which will give them the opportunity to acquire the spiritual, academic, social and physical skills necessary to reach their God-given potential, and to encourage them to make positive contributions to their world according to God’s plan for their lives.


We are committed to a balanced education, meeting the needs of the total person spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.


We wish to be known for our love of God.  It is our intention to uphold the virtues of:





We wish it to be known that our vision and our venture, our motive and our message is all to THE GLORY OF GOD.



  1. We believe that all truth comes from God and, therefore, all areas of the curriculum are taught in light of what God says about Himself, ourselves, and the world, as revealed in the Bible.

  2. It is our desire that each child comes to a personal relationship with Christ.

  3. It is our goal to educate students so that they successfully integrate Christian philosophy into their total lives.



  1. It is our purpose to offer a quality accelerated educational program within the Christian framework of Truth, which challenges and teaches each student according to his/her individual abilities and helps each student realize his/her God-given potential.

  2. It is our goal to provide a loving, cheerful, and appealing environment tailored to the student’s developmental needs so that each child can experience success and joy in learning.

  3. It is our purpose to provide an academic climate conducive for learning.



  1. It is our purpose to help students understand the marvelous workings of their bodies and to help them develop healthy habits and activities to aid their physical growth.

  2. It is our goal to encourage students to find and develop skills in the area of individual or group sports that brings a sense of accomplishment to the individual.

  3. It is our goal to help our students learn the value of team play and good sportsmanship.



  1. It is our purpose to help children accept themselves and others as unique creations of God, and to develop social skills that show that they value the individual worth of others.

  2. It is our goal to encourage children to develop self-discipline, accept responsibility and respect authority.

  3. It is our goal to prepare students to take their place in the home, the church, and the community in a manner that is God-glorifying.

Pastor's Message

Dear Parents and Students: It is our pleasure to welcome you to New Harvest Christian School website. You are beginning an exciting program, which can influence the rest of your life. It is Christ-centered, success oriented, academically individualize...

Our History

The first “learning center” was birthed at our church in Manchester, England. In September of 1990 we opened our first “learning center” in Norwalk, California. Because of the fine Christian men and women who gave themselves to this ministry...

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